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Over Yonder Cay

The Bahamas, The Caribbean

Sleeps 28
Sleeps 15
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Once a small fishing outpost off the Bahamas, this unique island has evolved from its humble roots into both a...

Bahamas Luxury Holiday Rentals

The Bahamas have long been a favourite destination for travellers the world over. For good reason; this island paradise has sparkling waters, pristine beaches, a vibrant culture and friendly, welcoming people. If you’re planning a Bahamas vacation, The AWAY Collection has some ideas to help make it even more perfect.

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Bahamas Attractions

The Bahamas is a chain of more than 700 islands, islets and cays with a sunny, subtropical climate and strikingly beautiful lagoons and beaches. Its culture and population are tied in to the nation’s colonial history, with a mix of British, American and Afro-Bahamian influences. Bahamian cuisine is a reflection of those cultures, and unsurprisingly, cricket is one of the nation’s favorite sports.

Over Yonder Cay

Formerly a remote fishing outpost, Over Yonder Cay is a 15-room luxury Caribbean villa that’s designed as a model of sustainability. Over Yonder Cay is powered by solar panels and wind turbines and has long been a magnet for entrepreneurs and others with a keen interest in renewable energy. It’s also a favourite for fishermen, with a crewed 48-foot fishing boat and a 120-foot sailing yacht as well as speedboats, catamarans, ski boats and wave runners for watersports enthusiasts. A gym, golf course, massage therapists, tennis courts, a theater and much more all make Over Yonder a memorable experience. If you’re interested in scuba diving, boating, fishing or just exploring the Bahamas, Over Yonder Cay is a world-class stay that makes an ideal base of operation.

Plan Your Bahamas Holiday

Travellers to this island paradise find it irresistible and enchanting, and for good reason. Find out what The AWAY Collection can do to help put together your Bahamas holiday plans.

Concierge Services

Whilst staying in an AWAY Collection property our in-house travel team is dedicated to ensure you get the most out of your location and property. From ground transportation, stocking the fridge, staff requirements, to providing restaurant recommendations or must do and see activities.

Holiday Booking & Planning Services
Our in-house Travel team are on hand to arrange all surrounding travel logistics, from commercial and private aviation, ground transportation or even additional accommodation if your time AWAY is part of a larger trip. Our team will afford you with seamless services and preferential rates.

Event Management

Should you wish to host an event AWAY we can make suggestions for properties that meet your specific requirements. Our in-house events team will assist with all event management from creative, catering, production, styling and entertainment whatever your brief or budget.

A Bahamas Rental Property for a Finer Experience

It’s time to recharge and relax in the Bahamas for your holiday, and The AWAY Collection can help make your stay in the Bahamas truly unforgettable.

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