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Sunrise Villa


Sleeps 4
Sleeps 2
Sleeps 2

Prices from:
$ 8137 / Per night

Set on a private island, Sunrise Villa sits on a beautiful lagoon encircled by white sands and a coral reef te...

Maldives Holiday Rentals

With pristine white-sand beaches, crystal clear waters and awe-inspiring views from every angle, the Maldives is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful destinations in the world.

Maldives Attractions

Maldives has an interesting mix of cultures and religions that informs the nation’s customs and norms. Comprising 26 atolls housing plenty of luxury rentals and over-the-water bungalows, this Indian Ocean nation promises the trip of a lifetime. Divers especially love the Maldives for its extensive coral reefs, crystalline waters and diversity of fish and marine life.

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Coco Prive Private Island

Imagine a retreat to a secluded island, far from the stress and hassle of the everyday world. That’s Coco Prive Private Island; this Maldives vacation rental is a half-hour trip by private yacht from Male’ International Airport and is suitable for a single family or an extended group of friends. Its half-dozen villas can host as many as 12 people, with a private chef and a discreet staff of butlers to cater to your needs. You’ll love the sandy beaches and water sports on this tropical island in the Indian ocean, with a coral reef teeming with marine life. For your creature comforts, there’s a private wine cellar, cocktail bar, gym, lounge and fully-stocked kitchen. A stay at Coco Prive Private Island is truly unique for both on- and off-island experiences.

Better Holiday Lets in Maldives

You can count on The AWAY Collection to offer the perfect Maldives holiday rental to suit your style. Let us put together a once-in-a-lifetime holiday for you and your guests.

Concierge Services

Whilst staying in an AWAY Collection property our in-house travel team is dedicated to ensuring you get the most out of your location and property. From ground transportation, stocking the fridge, staff requirements, to providing restaurant recommendations or must do and see activities.

Holiday Letting & Planning Services

Our in-house travel team are on hand to arrange all surrounding travel logistics, from commercial and private aviation, ground transportation or even additional accommodation if your time AWAY is part of a larger trip. Our team will afford you with seamless services, exclusive benefits and preferential rates.

Event Management

Should you wish to host an event AWAY we can make suggestions for properties that meet your specific requirements. Our in-house events team will assist with all event management from creative, catering, production, styling and entertainment whatever your brief or budget.

A Maldives Rental Property for a Finer Experience

As you’ve seen, there’s no shortage of well-appointed holiday vacation rentals in Maldives, all available through The AWAY Collection. Simply make an enquiry and start planning your luxury Maldives holiday with our help.

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