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Santa Teresa Hideaway

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Sleeps 18
Sleeps 9
Sleeps 7

Prices from:
£ 15000 / Per three nights

Escape to the charming Santa Teresa neighbourhood of Rio de Janeiro and stay in the contemporary, design-focus...

Awasi Atacama

San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

Sleeps 20
Sleeps 10
Sleeps 10

Prices from:
$ 2590 / Per night

Hidden in a historic town in the Atacama Desert, experience a tailor-made adventure at Awasi Atacama, influe...

Awasi Patagonia

Torres Del Paine, Chile

Sleeps 2
Sleeps 1
Sleeps 1

Prices from:
$ 3700 / Per three nights

A private reserve in the Torres Del Paine National Park, Awasi Patagonia sits perched above this remote and be...

Villa Etnia

Bahia, Brazil

Sleeps 8
Sleeps 4
Sleeps 3

Prices from:
BRL 1975 / Per night

A true oasis in the woods that combines the beauty of nature and the comfort of luxury innovative design.

There’s no end to the sights and sounds of South America. Every country is its own world where you can lose yourself in the local culture and natural landscapes. At The AWAY Collection, we’ve got several holiday rentals in South America to help make your adventure more comfortable.

Central and South America Attractions

Countries like Chile, Argentina and Brazil have such a long and colorful history, with a strong presence of indigenous culture dating back long before colonizers. There are stunning mountains, forests, rivers and jungles, and adventures that will stay with you for a lifetime.


Explore Chile’s high plains, mountains and deserts or its amazing cities like Valparaiso and Santiago.

San Pedro de Atacama is near the a high plateau named Puna de Atacama, and that’s where Awasi de Atacama lies. This elegant Chile vacation rental is relaxing, but still authentic to its Chilean history. You and up to twenty guests can unwind in the bar, enjoy the on-site restaurant and even take a dip in the pool. For those that are feeling adventurous, there are half day and full day 4×4 trips to nearby salt flats or hot springs.


Argentina is one of the most popular destinations in South America that offers world class adventure across mountains, rivers and even glaciers.

For a visit to Buenos Aires, La Fortuna is a palatial estate built with full service staff. This Argentina holiday rental can host as many as 16 guests and is complete with a formal dining room, bar and wine cellar, outdoor pool and even a playroom for kids. Included are four meals a day, prepared by dedicated chefs, and all non-alcoholic drinks. Enjoy a variety of activities during your trip into an elegant past at La Fortuna.

Better Holiday Lets in South America

Have you ever wanted to experience an exotic destination, with all it has to offer? You can count on The AWAY Collection to offer the perfect South America holiday rental to suit your style. Let us put together a once-in-a-lifetime holiday for you and your guests.

Concierge Services

Whilst staying in an AWAY Collection property our in-house travel team is dedicated to ensuring you get the most out of your location and property. From ground transportation, stocking the fridge, staff requirements, to providing restaurant recommendations or must do and see activities.

Holiday Letting & Planning Services

Our in-house travel team are on hand to arrange all surrounding travel logistics, from commercial and private aviation, ground transportation or even additional accommodation if your time AWAY is part of a larger trip. Our team will afford you with seamless services, exclusive benefits and preferential rates.

Event Management

Should you wish to host an event AWAY we can make suggestions for properties that meet your specific requirements. Our in-house events team will assist with all event management from creative, catering, production, styling and entertainment whatever your brief or budget.