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Waterberg Reserve

Vaalwater, South Africa

Sleeps 9
Sleeps 4
Sleeps 3

Prices from:
ZAR 80000 / Per night

The Observatory at Waterberg Reserve is an award-winning safari lodge in the heart of South Africa. For a comp...

South Africa Holiday Rentals

The southernmost nation on the African continent, South Africa is bordered by Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Eswatini, with the South Atlantic and Indian Ocean to the south and east. It’s the largest nation in the southern part of the continent, and more than 57 million people call South Africa home.

South Africa Attractions

This country’s multiethnic, pluralistic makeup is reflected in the fact that it has 11 official languages. South Africa has a temperate, semi-arid climate with terrain that ranges from mountains to uplands to veldt. Its assortment of species includes gazelles, African buffalo, rhinos, lions, giraffes, hippopotamus and other African species in Kruger National Park and other national parks. Its largest city, Johannesburg, has a population of over 9 million, and the second largest, Cape Town, is a cosmopolitan city of over 4 million.

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Plettenberg Bay

Plettenberg Bay is a smallish city in the Western Cape province of South Africa. Lookout House overlooks Plettenberg Bay on South Africa’s famed Garden Route. This waterfront property, designed by Veronique Susman, boasts an eclectic mix of elegant vintage and contemporary pieces, with striking brick walls and a high, vaulted ceiling with exposed beams. It’s a family-friendly space, with a playroom for the kids, a pool that looks out over the ocean, separate living and dining areas and room for ten guests. Relaxing and elegant, this Plettenberg Bay rental property is one of the gems of the South African coast.

Cape Town

The capital of South Africa, Cape Town is a bustling metropolis that sits under the towering Table Mountain. A melting pot of cultures, cuisine and mesmerising landscapes, Cape Town is a must-visit for anyone travelling to South Africa. Modern and stylish, Ellerman Villa is easy distance to Cape Town and sits on 1.5 acres in Bantry Bay. Guests at Ellerman Villa can take advantage of this exclusive holiday rental’s amenities such as a cinema room, pool, fully-stocked bar, a balcony terrace and a fully-stocked 24-hour guest pantry for snacks. Ellerman House prides itself on being one of the finest vacation rentals in Cape Town; your stay there will be unforgettable.

Better Holiday Lets in South Africa

Do your tastes run to elegant furnishings and appointments, or to country-style comfort? You can count on The AWAY Collection to offer the perfect South Africa holiday rental to suit your style. Let us put together a once-in-a-lifetime holiday for you and your guests.

Concierge Services

Whilst staying in an AWAY Collection property our in-house travel team is dedicated to ensuring you get the most out of your location and property. From ground transportation, stocking the fridge, staff requirements, to providing restaurant recommendations or must do and see activities.

Holiday Letting & Planning Services

Our in-house travel team are on hand to arrange all surrounding travel logistics, from commercial and private aviation, ground transportation or even additional accommodation if your time AWAY is part of a larger trip. Our team will afford you with seamless services, exclusive benefits and preferential rates.

Event Management

Should you wish to host an event AWAY we can make suggestions for properties that meet your specific requirements. Our in-house events team will assist with all event management from creative, catering, production, styling and entertainment whatever your brief or budget.

A South Africa Rental Property for a Finer Experience

Let your imagination run wild and see what South Africa can offer when you plan your holiday. There is so much to see in this largely-unspoiled land, and The AWAY Collection can help make your stay in South Africa truly unforgettable.

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